About Us

Green Kiva Lighting is an LED lighting and lighting controls company and we believe that experience matters, and that is why for the past seven years we have helped our clients realize savings by upgrading from energy-inefficient lighting products to the highest quality energy-efficient LED lighting products and lighting controls.

We also believe it is important to reduce our planet’s carbon footprint through lower energy consumption which will coincide with our customer’s goals to improve their bottom line. It also speaks to the principle of good stewardship of the Earth’s resources and as a result this will allow us all to be winners and help to make our planet as healthy as possible for generations to come. 

When selecting LED products our intent is to help you eliminate purchasing mistakes such as lighting devices that produce too much glare which can cause visual discomfort, or products that do not produce enough light which creates dimly lit areas, or any number of potential mishaps. So that is why we are here to help you select the right products from the right manufacturers to help you make the right decisions.