Specialty LED Lighting

LED Candles, MR16’s, and Vintage Style Edison bulbs are not only energy-efficient but they also add aesthetic appeal. LED candles are beautifully crafted and can add elegance to any space, filling it with bright clean light or with romantic ambience. LED MR16’s are a wonderful upgrade for their ability to render objects vividly while also allowing colors to appear more natural. LED Vintage Style Edison bulbs deliver the warmth and stylish flair of a vintage light bulb but with the functionality and efficiency of modern LED products.

LED Candles

LED candles are an excellent choice to replace incandescent candles in chandeliers, indoor wall sconces and outdoor pendant fixtures because incandescent candles generate a lot of heat and are very hot to the touch. On the other hand, LED candles run cooler, last longer, and are a contemporary approach to older energy-inefficient incandescent candles.

LED MR16’s

LED MR16’s are designed to replace older halogen light bulbs in track lighting, recessed lighting, and landscape lighting. LED MR16’s use a fraction of the energy and emit significantly less heat than halogen bulbs. So if you want to keep the original look of your MR16’s without the higher energy costs and elevated heat output, an LED MR16 is your best option.

LED Vintage Style Edison Bulbs

LED Vintage Style Edison bulbs combines modern technology with old-school looks. With glowing ornamental filaments and cozy warm light, these amber colored light bulbs are the perfect choice to create a relaxed and serene environment and will add nostalgic charm to any antique or cosmopolitan style lighting fixture.