Solar Energy

Renewable energy sources are the key to a cleaner and brighter future and solar energy is at the top of the list. Solar energy is emissions-free and good for the environment. Unlike coal and natural gas, solar energy does not release harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide into the air and water supply. Along with Federal and State financial incentives, more and more business owners and nonprofits are taking the opportunity to invest in solar energy.

Solar Energy Basics

  • Photovoltaic “PV” cells in the panels turn sunlight into DC and the inverter converts it to AC.
  • Electricity goes to the circuit box and then into the building. 
  • Excess electricity is fed into the grid or stored in a battery.

Solar Energy Components

  • Panels
  • Inverters
  • Racks
  • Batteries

Solar Energy Proposal

A CSP or Comprehensive Solar Proposal is a document that includes the following:

  • Cash Flow
  • Cost Analysis
  • Payback Projections
  • Return on Investment
  • Tax Deductions

Solar Energy Services

  • Net Metering (Cost Free)
  • Battery Backup (Paid Option)
  • On-going Maintenance (Paid Option)

Solar Energy Solutions

Green Kiva Lighting can provide you with a comprehensive Solar Energy solution which includes total system cost, estimated energy savings, electrical and roof inspections, materials, and installation.