Why LED?

There are a number of reasons why LED lighting is far superior to traditional lighting and listed below are ten reasons that should encourage you to make the switch to LED with saving money on your electricity bill as reason number one!

  • Energy Savings
    LED’s are very efficient. Incandescent light bulbs use approximately 90% more electricity than LED’s and CFL’s use approximately 15% more electricity than LED’s.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    LED light bulbs are not manufactured with hazardous materials such as mercury which means they can be discarded in landfills without any adverse effects.
  • Lifespan
    Commercial LED’s have a lifespan of between 25,000 to 100,000 hours vs 8,000 hours for CFL’s and 1,000 hours for incandescents which will result in lower replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Operating Temperature
    LED bulbs generate less heat than conventional bulbs which allows the facility to run at a lower operating temperature.
  • Durability
    The majority of LED bulbs are made without filaments except for Vintage Style Edison bulbs and since most LED bulbs are made of tough plastics they can withstand harsher treatment.
  • Focused Lighting
    LED bulbs have a beam angle that is 230° or less which will focus more light on the intended object and reduces the chance of light being wasted on the ceiling or other unwanted areas.
  • No UV & IR emissions
    LED’s do not emit UV or infrared light and that is why LED bulbs are an excellent choice for art galleries since LED bulbs will not cause precious artwork to fade.
  • Instant On
    LED’s turn on and power up instantly to full brightness and frequent on and off switching does not cause harm to the device.
  • LED’s Operate On Very Low Voltage
    LED’s operate on very low voltage and therefore they are an excellent choice for outdoor landscape lighting where safety as well as aesthetics are important.
  • Color Choices
    LED bulbs come in various colors ranging from soft white to daylight starting at 2700K all the way up to 6500K.